In my projects I am regularly asked if I can provide an overview of current trends in organisational structures. As a visual person, my initial response is to show a graphic that the Vienna-based, Holocracy-focused organisational consultancy DwarfsandGiants designed for the Harvard Business Manager:

The whole article can be purchased from HBR. However, parts of the article are accessible free of charge (interactive map & summary).


What I love about this map is its breadth and detail which implore you to study it in depth. It not only structures and groups the different developments (in black) and outlines their relationships with one another. It also presents essential concepts (in blue) and lists authors (in red) who provide further insight into each approach. Finally, organisations/companies (in green) complement the map as practical examples.


In addition, the map can be used as a good starting point for deeper discussions: Where does the focus of the individual ideas differ? Where are they interwoven? Which developments are in fact already well established? Which role does the start-up world play in developing new organisational ideas? What actually suits our company?


What would you like to discuss? Is there anything you find particularly striking? Do you have any other overviews you like to work with?