Treading Paths Firmly

Changes need guidance. In me you will find a guide who will accompany you vigilantly, at every moment. I support you in using your strengths and acting self-reliantly where you already can. I give input where a push or new ideas can help you. I reflect and question where necessary. I take you by the hand where you might stumble yourself. I keep an eye on the big picture. And I enable you to lead yourself. With all my experience and, if needed, supported by my network of experienced transformation facilitators.

In this way, we can tread paths firmly together.

Old strenths and new habits form the core of my approach. We start with a look at the past to explore your – often – neglected capabilities and use this as a basis for shaping the future. Then we consciously strike the new direction, goal-oriented and learning along the way, to finally have established the new habits and live the solution, the new leadership ability, in everyday life.

Exploring Neglected Capabilities

  • Understanding one’s own DNA
  • Uncovering real strengths
  • Gaining self-confidence
  • Establish criteria for success
  • Taking a customer-centred approach
  • Develop feasible solutions
  • Linking past and future

Taking Direction Consciously

  • Building new leadership
  • Learning in a pilot phase
  • Adapt along the way where necessary
  • Orientate towards success criteria
  • Enabling you to move forward on your own
  • Establishing habits
  • Living solutions