How I work, which methods I use

Developing a learning organisation

To support you in transforming your company into a learning organisation, I apply the principles of a learning organisation. Together we get to know your organisation in new ways, we’ll create scenarios to illustrate how it could look in the future and develop ideas to inspire us along the way. Then, by means of sprints, we experiment and learn, gradually moving along the path we have set out for ourselves. Along the way, we observe how your company and your employees react and adapt to our direction and approach.

Observing from the outside, understanding the inside

As a facilitator and an expert, I ask questions, reflect on key issues, ask for more details where necessary and indicate potential options. I take different perspectives into account and connect opposing views, while keeping the bigger picture in mind. As an external party who knows the internal working of businesses from my managerial experience, I am able to fully understand your context and simultaneously distance myself from it. Above all, it’s important for me to take individuals as they are and communicate in a direct, unconventional and appreciative manner.

A learning organization

Balancing organisation and people


The success of any company depends both on the individual people who make it tick and on the organisation as a whole, which provides the framework. That is why I link the business as a whole with a focus on the individual; their potential, their assets and their foibles. How should the business adapt to uncover the abilities of its employees and how can the employees develop to increase the success of the business?