Who I am, what defines me

Linking opposing views, opening new perspectives

I bring different worlds and apparent opposites together. I create a productive dialogue. This way, all participants can apply their skills and motivations and openly address aspects where a resolution is required. Whether numbers or people, technology or customers, strategy or operations, clear structure or adaptability, I highlight similarities and differences, while conveying and integrating different approaches. As a facilitator and expert, I work with you to develop new perspectives and manage the process of change in a way that achieves a clear result.

Generating answers, enabling solutions

I see myself primarily as a facilitator: I structure, mediate, bring together, reflect and scrutinise – with persistence if necessary. My vast experience helps me to remain on a level playing field in terms of content while always keeping the feasibility of solutions in sight. At the same time – in the role of an external observer who understands the internal workings – I add my own inputs where required. However, I don’t supply the finished solutions. We develop them together.

Where I’m from


I graduated from the Technical University of Berlin with a diploma in electrical engineering with business management and a master’s degree in history. I have since embarked on a second career path, completing several years of studies as a systemic consultant, in Gestalt Coaching and in positive psychology.

Professional milestones

Before I started coaching organisations in 2016, I was a consultant at McKinsey for five years, worked ten years in various C-level roles at PayPal and spent three years as managing director at the start-ups Blacklane and unu. In addition, I have been involved in non-profit work in the educational and social sectors for many years.

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What sets me apart

I am both: a change “psychologist” and a practitioner. My focus areas are:

Company growth and growth thresholds

How can a company grow quickly and yet sustainably? How can a company build on existing strengths and at the same time reinvent itself? How do I successfully navigate through existential crises and grasp the opportunity for long-lasting change?

As an operating manager, I have experienced these phases of organisational development in a wide range of roles and they’ve not always been pleasant. Through my psychological courses, I have learned new perspectives and methods to shape them in a more productive manner.

Change in the face of uncertainty

How can an organisation provide orientation and stability while the future is uncertain? How can an organisation develop in a way which adds stability and maintains sight of goals if it’s not known how the employees will change along the way?

Having become accustomed to uncertainty during my professional career, I make use of my experiences in Agile Working, Agile Transformation, Design Thinking and Strategy Development among others.

Leadership and self-managing teams

What is good leadership? How do I enable a self-managing team to both coordinate themselves independently and work effectively towards the overall goal? What does “self-managing” mean for different employees and different situations?

For me, these topics are basic building blocks of good collaboration in organisations. Leadership can be incredibly empowering but also frustratingly inhibiting – depending on how it is practised.

Strength-based behaviour change

Which aspects of our current behaviour and approaches do we want to keep and use and which aspects do we want to change? How do I change not only on the surface but also the underlying behaviour in a sustainable way?

I believe it is more important to focus on everyone’s strengths rather than their weaknesses. At the same time, change is much more than just the transfer of knowledge. My training in systemic, gestalt and positive psychology plays a special role here.

Away from work?

Main residence: Berlin. Married with three daughters.

Passionate basketball player