Who I am, what defines me

Linking opposing views, opening new perspectives

I bring different worlds and apparent opposites together. At university, I combined business with humanities, and in my current job, I link technical development to customer focus, HR management to finance and the strategic to the operational. This is an approach I take as a coach to develop new prospects with you.

Generating answers, providing solutions

To do this, I see myself as a moderator as well as consultant. I mediate, differentiate, reflect and scrutinise – with persistence if necessary. My vast experience helps me to remain on a level playing field in terms of the content while always keeping the feasibility of solutions in sight. In the role of an external observer who understands the internal workings, I am able to add my own input when required. However, I don’t supply the finished solutions. We develop them together.

Recognising potential, entrepreneurial thinking

As a systemic coach and pragmatist, I link the business as a whole with the focus on the individual, their potential and their rough edges: how should the business adapt to uncover the abilities of its employees and how can the employees develop to increase the success of the business? One thing is crucial: conflicts belong in the open so that a compromise can be found or a clear decision can be made.

Where I’m from


Studied at the Technische Universität Berlin: Diploma in electronic engineering with business management and a Master’s degree in history.

Several years training as a systemic consultant for coaching, team and organisational development.

Various advanced training in areas such as team assessment, team management, communication and self-reflection.

Professional milestones

Five years as a consultant with McKinsey.

Ten years in various C-level roles at PayPal.

Three years managing director at the start-ups Blacklane and unu.

Organizational consultant for agile organizational development

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Focus areas

Company development and restructure

Over ten years’ experience of establishing and co-managing companies from foundation to turnover of more than 500 million Euros. Supervision or management of growth, transformation and restructuring phases at local and international levels.

Design thinking and agility

Throughout my career as a product manager, design thinking and agile working methods have always been intrinsic components. Many years’ experience of contributing to agile company transformations on a global scale, plus agile leadership of entire organisations.


Strategy development is a cornerstone of my classic consultancy work. Taken responsibility for defining strategy in all roles for each company where I have worked.

Team leadership and culture

Core tasks over the last fifteen years: establishment, development and management of teams and organisations. Collaboration with people of various cultures, generations, functions and qualifications.

Away from work?

Main residence: Berlin. Married with three daughters.

Passionate basketball player.