What I can do for you

Working better together

As a coach in organisational development, I come to your company and support you in working better together. The reasons for my involvement are varied. Maybe your internal structures and processes are no longer suitable for the future you’ve set out. Maybe you have a department which lacks a close team ethic or multiple teams that wish to work together more effectively. Maybe leadership skills are in need of some development.

A learning organisation

The future of a company can be shrouded in uncertainty – it’s not always easy to see what lies ahead. Nor is it easy to predict how employees might react when changes occur. That’s why I focus on a learning organisation. An organisation that adapts to new challenges while remaining strong at its very core. An organisation that makes the most out of its past and existing strengths while integrating new approache organisation that entrusts individuals and teams with responsibility andile providing sufficient guidance to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction. An organisation that follows clear patterns and established customs, so it can gradually progress with continuous experimentation, reflection and learning.

Organisational Development


Current structures and processes no longer seem to fit in with the future of your company? No longer sure what the future holds? I’ll help to build an organisation which rises to new challenges and is flexible to adapt to undefined and continually changing demands. All while ensuring the organisation’s stability remains.


How do I approach this? Well initially, we’ll work out your strengths, capabilities and guiding principles in order to sketch a potential model for the future. Then it’s straight down to business with individual steps or sprints where we experiment and learn from our findings. This helps to observe how the people in your organisation react and enables us to adapt follow-up concepts or procedures. As a result, we can strike the right balance between the ideal model and the realities of the people and strengths within the organisation. I believe it’s particularly important to create a concept that encourages self-management so that teams and individuals are all capable of successfully performing tasks under their own steam.

Team Development


Without team development, there can be no organisational development. After all, it is through the work of the team that the new organisation itself can experiment, learn and take shape. On a leadership level, I also assist when executive teams are newly formed, reorganised or simply wish to improve the way they work together. The goal is the same. To enable your team to shape its own working methods and structures and to allow each individual to recognise their strengths and realise their potential.


To form this basis of togetherness, where something can really grow and prosper, the underlying ingredients are simple: goals, working guidelines and framework, self-reflection and relationship building. With these in mind, we can experiment, reflect and make the changes necessary to these underlying ingredients or the overall approach. In every team, good communication is key to success: listen carefully and truly appreciate the value of others while also having a clear idea of your own aims.

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching


This is an element of my coaching that is equally important for organisational development. Because as the organisation develops and management structures are reorganised, managers face new demands and each team member is required to take on occasional leadership duties in self-managing teams. I’m here to accompany the individuals in the development of their leadership abilities. I also offer individual leadership coaching that is independent of organisational development. This would be beneficial if you simply wish to develop your own leadership skills or are looking for a sparring partner.


With leadership comes followership. And it is the responsibility of the leaders to enable the followers to be successful – to create an environment where the followers’ talents and abilities can shine through. My approach places a focus on self-awareness (what do I want and what can I do?), communication (listening and speaking in an appreciative and productive manner) and the perception of others (what do they want, what are their strengths and how can I help them along the way?).

Strategy & Value Facilitation


Certain factors make defining a direction for everyone to follow more important than ever. The extent to which your company is undergoing restructure. The extent to which your company’s future is unclear and difficult to map out. The extent to which your teams are self-managing. My role is to give structure, facilitate the process, stimulate thought and provide fresh impetus, while also ensuring this direction is well integrated into each working day.


Strategy, vision, mission and values are all frequently used concepts that help form this direction. But I prefer to talk of “an inner compass”, or “the North Star”, which create a tangible company framework for sensible decision-making when situations are unclear or arrive unexpectedly. The formation of the North Star requires us to look back at our inherent DNA. Because it is by building on the blocks of our past that we can look forward to a more successful future.