What I can do for you

Working better together

How much productivity is lost because people, groups or departments fail to cooperate effectively? As a coach for organisations, I will come to you and support you in maximising this potential. It might be because your current structures and processes do not fit together or are no longer suitable for the future you have set out. It might be because management, teams or departments within the organisation have the desire or the need to develop. Or because the basic direction is unclear.
Together we will find a solution that suits you and aligns with your strengths, your past and your ambition.

A learning organisation

The future of a company can be shrouded in uncertainty – it’s not always easy to see what lies ahead and what brings success. Nor is it easy to predict how employees might react when changes occur. That’s why I focus on a learning organisation. An organisation that adapts to new challenges while remaining strong at its very core. An organisation that makes the most out of its past and existing strengths while integrating new approaches. An organisation that entrusts individuals and teams with responsibility while providing sufficient guidance to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction. An organisation that follows clear patterns and established customs, so it can gradually progress with continuous experimentation, reflection and learning.

Change Management

Growth support, digital DNA, reorientation

Have your current structures or processes become unsuitable for the future you have set out? You might just have a couple of cogs out of place – inappropriate roles or tasks,  ambiguous processes or unclear communication? I can help you to develop your organisation so that it can rise to the challenges it faces and enable you to continuously adapt to uncertain, changing requirements.


Focus topics are:


  • Growth support (start-up spirit versus corporate): How can we maintain the advantages of “being small” and integrate the necessities of “growing up”? How do we handle various growth thresholds?
  • Digital transformations in medium-sized businesses: How do we integrate digital skills into our company in a lasting way?
  • A new strategy e.g. product change, expansion, innovation
  • “Simple” optimisation of cooperation – e.g. restructuring operational processes or introducing self-managing teams


I facilitate the entire process: from a joint assessment (who are we, what are our strengths and challenges) through the North Star (how do we want to be, what is our strategy and what are our values) to the implementation (testing, adapting, enabling, embedding). Lasting change is particularly close to my heart – it is the ultimate proof of success.
A core part is the work with each individual team, where new methods can be tried, learned, shaped and practised. Self-management usually plays a central role: to empower the teams to structure their own work, to enable each individual team member to recognise and contribute his or her own strengths and to connect and align the teams so that everyone works together and in the same direction.

Is your organization undergoing change? If so, then get in touch!
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Crisis facilitation

Adapting to the situation and taking the opportunity to implement lasting change

Currently, the Corona crisis demonstrates the classic challenges of a crisis situation: how can I overcome the short-term, often existential challenges and at the same time prepare for the future? How do I manage to stabilise the company and simultaneously reform at a time when I’m discovering lots of new information and much of what I previously held true no longer seems to apply?


The art of mastering crises centres around reacting quickly and in a focused manner. It’s important to combine the individual pieces of the puzzle into a coherent strategy, to do what you are forced to do and at the same time use the opportunity to reform. This requires you to simultaneously observe the goings-on at close quarters and to take a step back and view what’s happening from a distance. In addition, a lot of caution is required so as not to overstretch the employees or the organisation itself, as well as a lot of sensitivity and courage.


In crisis situations I mainly act as an organisational coach. I work on a situational basis and react to what is “top of mind”, i.e. with the issues and parts of the organisation that are particularly affected. At the same time – even if it may seem paradoxical at first – it is precisely now that the organisation needs to be reformed. This requires space to be created and the individual topics to be brought together, supplemented, managed and aligned for the long term. This, in particular, is where I can contribute my entire spectrum of experience and skills as a manager, coach and organisational developer – from turnaround and innovation through operational and strategic work to agility and dealing with uncertainty.

Does your organization face a crisis? If so, then get in touch!
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Leadership Development

For individuals, leadership teams and leadership culture

Are you looking for a sparring partner on a level playing field, with whom you can reflect and develop yourself? Does your management team need to reinvent, reorganise or develop itself further? Do you want to deepen or transform the leadership culture and leadership skills in your company?
I work on all three of these levels to develop your leadership capabilities sustainably. With good leadership comes followership. And it is the responsibility of each leader to enable each of their employees to be successful and to create an environment where their talents and abilities can shine through.


Here too, the trick is to work with what is “top of mind” at the time, while putting into place a long-term, clearly directed change. Here too, change comes through self-awareness, testing, practicing and reflecting.
I mainly focus on available strengths. An organisation develops fastest when roles and working arrangement are aligned in such a way that everyone can play to his or her strengths. Furthermore, the aim should be for all of the individual strengths to complement each other in such a way that everything the company needs is in place.

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Product transformation

coaching, assessment, interim management

How do we focus our software development? How do we better integrate product and technology into the entire organisation? How do we increase efficiency? How do I make good product decisions? How does a product become a pioneer for the company – i.e. customer-oriented, innovative and visionary? How do we take our product capabilities and processes to another level? How do we become a product-led company? Thanks to my experience and the central role of product management in transformation processes, this is an area where I am able to offer specific support.


I not only bring vast experience in traditional digital product management, but also in the integrated development of hardware, embedded and software, in product management for services, as well as in operational management experience in almost all “external” functions related to the product. I enrich this expertise with my skills in organisational development and coaching, for example by developing the product team and building new skills.

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education and non-profit sector

Schools, educational institutions and non-profit companies

I also offer my entire range of services – change management, crisis support and leadership development – specifically for schools, educational institutions and the social sector.


Among the most important issues are: How can we as leaders become more effective – in other words, how can we create room for ourselves, provide a clear framework and, at the same time, empower individuals? How can we utilise, strengthen and develop the collaboration in our teams? How can we network with other institutions? How can we initiate a development process and, within the scope of our possibilities, make sustainable progress? How do we make use of our own creative freedom in spite of the often rigid external framework? Digitalisation demands new ways of working and updated approaches in many areas – how can we drive this process forward in a “feasible” and effective way?


Although have not worked specifically in this area, I have nonetheless gained lots of experience over the years allowing me to understand the exact needs and requirements and to adapt my facilitation accordingly. At the same time, my insight and experience “from the outside” means I can provide different impulses and highlight less obvious perspectives. This combination opens up new possibilities, both generally and also within the rigid “external” framework, thus allowing areas such as leadership and self-management, teamwork, digitalisation and networking to prosper. Finally, it is precisely here that my specific approach comes into play – looking at the individual, his or her preferences and capabilities and, at the same time, keeping an eye on the overall processes, structures and overarching patterns in order to achieve sustainable solutions.

Do you need change facilitation? If so, then get in touch!
Feel free to send me an email at ch@christoph-holle.de or call me directly on +49 (0) 151 72 11 38 23.