Lead to Leadership

Challenges are increasing, while the ability to steer the company is diminishing. Major changes are ahead. All this creates insecurity. My main question is: How can you maintain or restore your organisations’ ability to lead?

I look at leadership from a structural perspective: How do I build my organisation in such a way that it can ensure the necessary leadership ability? This includes structures, rules and processes as well as leadership culture and skills. In particular, I am interested in how to distribute and live leadership in such a way that everyone can take initiative and responsibility to make a valuable contribution.

Digital Transformation

Digitalisation is fundamentally changing the way we work together. Beyond the technology related themes, the organisation faces other thinking, other people, other approaches. But how do you leverage the full potential? How do the existing skills of the organisation and the people continue to flourish in the new environment? How do you ensure that new and old departments and processes mesh and work well together? How do you establish a powerful product management? How do you sustainably integrate company builders or start-up collaborations into your innovation process?

I guide and accompany you in your digital transformation in an overarching way in order to make full use of the potential – right from the very beginning or when you are already in the middle of it, and until it works.

Innovative Leadership Structures

Sometimes the classic hierarchical management structures no longer fit. Maybe because you yourself grew up differently or come from other structures. Maybe because new people join the company who have different expectations of leadership. Maybe because there is so much complexity and uncertainty that your employees need to work more autonomously and more interconnectedly. Maybe because you want to return to the origins of your company.

Together we develop a new leadership concept that suits your company, try it out and establish it – in a way that involves as many people as possible and really helps.

Growth Support

As a scale-up or start-up, you grow so fast that you have to constantly change and adapt, especially if you want to stay true to yourself. How does your role as founder and how do you personally develop to be able to continue lead the company successfully? How do you establish a leadership team – with experienced newcomers? How do you stay innovative and entrepreneurial while scaling? How can you keep adapting your structures and processes to the new challenges without losing speed?

I accompany this growth via founder sparring, leadership team development, organisational consulting and workshop moderation, longer term as well as situationally, there, where it is needed.

Leadership in the Educational and Social Sector

Leadership is often a tense term here: desired and at the same time undesired, demanded and often difficult to achieve and at the same time interpreted in very different ways.
How can you become more effective as leaders, create space for yourselves, give a clear framework and empower at the same time? How can you establish or strengthen leadership in teams? How do you manage to use your own creative freedom within the often rigid external framework?

Together we understand what suits you, try it out and establish it – so that everyone is involved.